Cyclists I met

Cyclists I met [photos mainly taken from their blogs]

  • The real first meeting with a cyclist was Ian, a Southafrican retired man. It was in Keşan, my first day in Turkey and as a pure coincidence it was the 31st of December and we camped together, celebrating with a couple of beers.
  • Entering Istanbul I met Raz. At the time she was finishing her walk from England to Istanbul, but she is now cycling in Central Asia.



  • In Istanbul I met Emma in Taksim square. We spent some time together in Istanbul, but then she headed South to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.


  • During winter in Turkey I didn’t meet any cyclists, next cyclists I met it was at the end of Iran, in Masahad. Joris started in Amsterdam and he is still cycling, Bart joined him in Georgia until Dushanbe. I met them also in Bukhara and Samarkand and I kept meeting Joris in Kyrgyzstan. In the end it was a perfect chess and beer companion, before flying to South East Asia.



  • In Bukhara I met Adam, not a cyclist, but a motorcyclist that has been on the road for 7 years (!) by now.
Adam is the guy on the motorbike.


  • Pete and Alice  started their trip after they married. I met them again in Bukhara, after they just completed the desert ride from Aktau in Kazakhstan. We met again in Bishkek, from where they took a flight to India. Their final destination is New Zealand.



  • Sebastien was staying in the same hostel as me in Samarkand, I met him again in Dushanbe and we did the whole Tajikistan together. He started cycling in Esfahan, Iran and then entered Central Asia. After Tajikistan he flew home to start his new life in Canada.

IMG_4123 (1024x768)


  • Riding in South Uzbekistan a cyclist appeared from behind me: it was Guillaume that I already met in Istanbul. He spent winter there, before heading to Iraq, Iran and Central Asia. We cycled together until Osh, from there he started his ride towards Mongolia, that he wants to cross with a horse, good luck with that!



  • After hearing so many stories about them, mainly related to the delicious food they manage to cook everywhere in the world with their pressure pot I finally met Zigor and Maria in Khorog. They started from Spain and are riding East, they’ll go to Australia sooner or later, but have no end point. We cycled together for a few days, before taking different routes in Osh.

IMG_4055 (1024x768)


  • While climbing the first of the two big passes between Osh and Bishkek I met Mathieu and Matilde. I don’t know how much time we spent speaking, but it mustn’t have been short as I didn’t make it to the top before dark. I met them in Bishkek, where I enjoyed again their company. They are going East, without a fixed plan.



  • Once I arrived in Bishkek I found the hostel full of other cyclists and it remained so until for the following 3 weeks I spent there; one evening 20 bikes could be seen in the garden of the hostel. There was Raf, a Belgian guy directed to Mongolia who also crossed Turkey in winter. JP started travelling a long time ago, he was in Bishkek waiting for his girlfriend. They went together to do some trekking in Kyrgyzstan with the company of a donkey. Philip and Maxime cycled together in Kyrgyzstan, after which Philip flew home in Munich and Max kept riding West: he started in Mongolia and he wants to make it back to Europe. Selina and Will started in Switzerland and made it up to Bishkek without bikes. They flew back home, assembled two bikes and are now planning to keep going East with their new bikes. Anne and Benjamin started last spring from France and are planning to finish their trip in South East Asia. Adrien is using a recumbent to ride across the world, as well as Paul and Jacques. Boris cycled or travelled in so many places in the world it is impossible to mention them all, as well as Paolo. Boris was crossing Asia by bike for the second time (and he travelled together with Guillaume in Iraq). Antoine backpacked until Australia, worked there for some time and bought a bike in Thailand on the way back. Peter cycled 4 years around the world between 2000 and 2004 and now he’s planning to cycle for another 4 years. Lionel cycled until Bishkek from Sicily. From Bishkek he took a flight to Istanbul, from where he was planning to cycle home with his girlfriend. Alex and Kat are from Australia, flew to Amsterdam and started to cycle back from there. They started with two bikes, but soon switched to a tandem.

2013-08-02 16.12.38


Other links

TravellingTwo It’s plenty of practical and useful information about how to organize a bike trip. They also wrote a book about bike toruing.

GoingSlowly They are an American couple who cycled for almost three years from Scotland to Southeast Asia.

ThatEmilyChappel English girl who left in September 2011 to cycle solo around the world.

TheBigAfricaCycle Peter Gostelow is finishing his ride through Africa. In 2005 he went from Japan to UK by bike.

Alastair Humphreys spent four years around the world with his bike. He’s also doing a lot of other interesting stuff.

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