Summer Equipment

As I did for the winter equipment [link], here is the list of all the stuff I am bringing with me for the summer. Main changes are clothes (with new clothes given to me by Briko), shoes (given to me by Lizard; I can finally ride wearing sandals), sleeping bag and some other smaller things.

IMG_3373 (1024x768)

The short version

Without going into details the panniers are divided as follows:

  • The left back pannier contains things I need when camping, so I open it every day when I camp (most of the time).
  • The right back pannier is the ‘shower pannier’, it contains clothes, towel, soap, a medical kit and rechargers. Whenever I can take a shower I know I have everything I need there.
  • The right front pannier is the ‘water pannier’ and is almost empty, it contains a water filter, a 4 l water container plus some random stuff.
  • The left front pannier contains stuff to fix the bike, waterproof clothes, a pair of shoes and cooking material.
  • The handlebar pannier has some small stuff I use daily and ‘precious things’ such as camera, wallet and passport. I bring it me with me everywhere I go.
  • On the top of the back rack there are 2 tarp, the tent, a North Face backpack containing the food and the thermos for the coffee and a tripod.

The Long List

Left back pannier

Trek Sea to Summit summer sleeping bag (rated to + 5°C as comfort temperature)

Empty dry bag

Light fleece jacket and t-shirt I use in the evening

4 l water container (usually empty, I start using it when there are no villages for a lot of km, for instance in deserts)

Right back pannier

A Sea to Summit 20 l dry bag containing all my clothes

Sea to Summit microfibre towel


Way too many chargers and usb cables

Maps for the following countries (after not having found a decent map in Iran, I asked my parents to bring me some maps for Iran, Central Asia and part of China)

Medical kit

Small bag containing some stuff which I know I will not use, but that for different reasons I don’t want to throw away

Small computer (notebook)

Plastic envelope containing money (in Iran there are no ATM and I don’t know how many of them I will find in Central Asia, so I am bringing a lot of cash), emergency debit card and photocopy of important documents)

The dry bag has the following clothes

1 pair of short padded pants (Briko)

3 pairs of light socks

1 t-shirt

Thermal underwear (trousers and shirt) for cold weather camping

1 wool hat and 1 pair of fleece gloves

1 pair of Briko windstopper gloves

1 pair of Decahtlon cycling gloves

1 pair of waterproof Sealskinz socks

Right front pannier

4 l water container, usually filled in the afternoon for camping

MSR water filter

Some random stuff (soap, toilet paper, plastic bags, ..)

Left front pannier

IMG_2303 (1024x768)

Pot and non-stick pan with a Primus omnifuel stove and a small towel inside

Windshield for the stove

Waterproof clothes, easy to reach in case of rain. They are:
Briko k-way
Vaude waterproof trousers

Small bag containing the stuff to fix the bike and some spare parts (two tubes, brake pads, chain, brakr and gear cables, allen keys, oil, shimano cassette remover)

Lizard Kross Scramble M shoes

North Face Backpack

Lot of food (rice, biscuits, cheese, bread, nutella, jam, dried fruit, canned beans, coffee, … In Mashhad I met other cyclists who were living on instant noodles and I decided to give it a try. It is not bad at all; it has all I want: easy to carry and cook, super cheap and very energetic)

Thermos for coffee

The Thermarest Ridgerest Solar sleeping mat stays on top of the front rack together with a 1 l Primus fuel bottle and a back light.

Handlebar bag

Powermonkey explorer solar charger

GPS spot 2 or what I usually call nerdy device

Parktool mutitool (it works great. I was afraid the chain tool would break soon, whereas it has been very useful when the chain broke in the mountains in Albania)

Headlight Petzl Tikka 2

Swiss knife

soap (the one you can use without water)



Spare key for the bike lock

Passport, notebook and pen


Mobile phone and mp3 player and a recharger (both Samsung. The mp3 player is used much less now that I have a computer)

Camera Canon G11 (bought second hand on ebay, really like it)

Sony e-reader

Map of the country I was cycling in (on top of everything, I take it out several time per day and almost every evening)

Lonely planet Farsi phrasebook (underused, sadly in Iran I didn’t do the effort I did in Turkey to learn the language for a lot of different reasons/excuses. I’ll try with Russian in Central Asia )

The clothes I am usually wearing in warm water are:

McKinkley trekking trousers

Briko bib

Lizard trekking sandals

Briko short sleeve jersey or white long sleeve shirt bought in Tehran (long sleeve to avoid to get sunburn)

Briko summer cycling gloves

Helmet and sunglasses (Briko again)

Big ‘Indiana Pipps’ hat (I think Indian Pipps is known only between a few Italian people…)



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