Going Home

I’ve played for some time with the idea to finish this trip next summer, in Mongolia. I had a rough plan and I even started planning a route through South East Asia, China and Mongolia. But, as it has often already happened, things changed again. A part of this trip is anyway over, both from … More Going Home

Yurts and Lakes

This post is about the tour I did last summer in Kyrgyzstan with Urs. Some photos are from Urs, who also helped me writing this. After a last lagman, a last shashlik and a last visit to the bazaar it was time to leave Bishkek: one day was enough for Urs to see a few Soviet … More Yurts and Lakes

Tibetan Grassland and Monasteries in South Qinghai

The road between Xining and Chengdu goes through mountains, altitudes well over 3000 m, Tibetan villages and monasteries: it really seems to be in Tibet; with ‘real’ Tibet nowadays closed to independent travellers South Qinghai and West Sichuan are great alternatives, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to explore the area as much as … More Tibetan Grassland and Monasteries in South Qinghai

One Year in Numbers

It has been one year since I left Italy. The initial plan was to stay away only one year, but no, I’m not going home soon and I am not riding to Australia anymore. And these are some statistics about last year. For some more detailed statistics, including the route, look at the stats page. … More One Year in Numbers

Crossing Kyrgyzstan: Yurts, Green Pastures and Mountains

Leaving Osh I felt in Uzbekistan again: green cultivated fields, warm weather and an endless series of villages, interrupted only by an occasional short climb, were what I rode through for the first couple of days; such a striking difference with the landscape in Tajikistan. I was cycling through the (in)famous Fergana valley, a valley shared between Uzbekistan and … More Crossing Kyrgyzstan: Yurts, Green Pastures and Mountains