Hello, I’m Francesco, a 24 years old Italian boy. After having finished a master in theoreical physics in Munich, on the 1st of November 2012 I left my hometown, Bologna, to ride my bike across East Europe and Asia.

I like travelling and bikes, but I never mixed them before. When I was 17, I’ve been studying five months in Australia (that’s probably where everything began…) and I travelled there for three weeks. Last summer I went for a month in Peru and Bolivia and, on a nocturnal bus to Tupiza, I realized that going back to Australia by bike might not have been a bad idea. As I came back I started gathering information and to save some money (in order to do that I spent 8 months preparing burgers at Burger King during the week end. And a few months before starting this job I stopped eating meat; that should tell you something about how consistent I am! To add some further inconsitency to that, I now eat whatever people offer me, and this usually includes a lot of meat.). Now I am not anymore sure I will ever ride up to Australia, I just keep going East and see what happens.

About the bike… I’ve always liked it, even though some high autorities have always tried to forbid me to ride under the snow (with the result that I left for this bike tour at the beginning of winter, sometimes riding on these conditions). The only bike trip I did before leaving was a one week ride from Munich to Trieste with a friend.

I also enjoy reading, in particular contemporary American literature.

If you want to know more about the trip, if you’d like to ride with me or host me [cs link] try to <a title="contact" href="https://ivegotabike.wordpress.com/contact/“>contact me.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Francesco, ho scritto al figlio della mia amica, Angelo, che vive a Mosca e sta con una ragazza tagika, Karina. Gli ho dato il nome del tuo blog e potrebbe mettersi in contatto direttamente con te, altrimenti ti invierò la sua mail. Il tuo viaggio è sempre magnifico!!!!

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