Going Home

I’ve played for some time with the idea to finish this trip next summer, in Mongolia. I had a rough plan and I even started planning a route through South East Asia, China and Mongolia. But, as it has often already happened, things changed again.
A part of this trip is anyway over, both from a geographical point of view – the empty spaces of Central Asia and West China disappeared as I started heading South, camping has become harder and getting out of the tent for breakfast was not a pleasure anymore – and from a personal point of view – the naivety of the first months of the trip is of course over. And probably there is also a desire to finally go back home, to stop moving every day.
And so now I am in Vietnam, in the city of Hai Phong since four days. The sea is not far, less than 50 km, but I haven’t gone yet, maybe tomorrow. Or the day after. And then to Hanoi, where on the 9th of January a flight will bring me back to Europe.

Some far away memory now
Some far away memory now


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